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Remy is a term that is often used in the hair extension industry. There’s a common misconception among hair vendors that they are getting the best grade of hair. In fact, REMY hair just means the direction of the cuticle of the hair. Here are some of Remy’s features:
1. The term “Remy” refers to the characteristics of the hair and the method used to manufacture the hair extensions.
2. Remy has qualities such as uni-lateral cuticle direction, which basically means the hair follicles all go in one single direction.
3. Remy hair is collected in a method in which all hair strands stay aligned in the natural direction as it grew to maintain the natural texture pattern and cuticle direction.
4. This eliminates tangling problems commonly found in non-Remy or low-quality hair.

Do you wonder why non-Remy hair is so much more inexpensive than Remy hair?
Non-Remy hair is hair that the cuticles are stripped or run in both directions. This often causes tangling.
1. Non-Remy hair is very popular and is readily available as well. Because the price is cheap. This hair has both the roots and the tips mixed up.
2. This type of hair undergoes the shaving off of the cuticles or sometimes the ends of the hair. This reduces the possibility of friction between hair strands.
3. Non-Remy hair is collected from the floor of temples, salons, and random suppliers. With this type of collection method, cuticle directions become mixed, causing inevitable shedding, tangling and matting problems.
4. In order to solve the tangling problem, hair manufactures use silicone to make the hair appear shiny, but as soon as you wash it the silicone comes off and the hair mattes into a huge mess.

Virgin Hair refers to hair that is completely unprocessed, and intact.
1. As for virgin hair, it must meet rigorous standards including not been permed, dyed, colored, bleached, and chemically processed in any way.
2. This also means it comes from a single donor, and all the cuticles are intact, running in the same direction.
3. Virgin hair can last up to a year with proper care and maintenance, and you have to care for your extensions just like your own natural hair.
4. If you maintain your virgin hair properly, you will have sleek, smooth, tangle free beautiful natural looking hair for a very long time and will be able to reuse the hair many times after

If you want a versatile and natural human hair extensions products, you need to choose virgin human hair.
Virgin human hair is chemically unprocessed human hair, which is collected from a single donor. The virgin human hair is Remy hair that has not been altered by dyes, perms, bleaches, or harsh washes. It is the highest quality hair on the market.

1. The virgin human hair is very light, silky and lustrous. You will feel comfortable as yourself hair.
2. 100% Remy human hair has never been processed or treated with any kind of chemicals and the human hair is in its natural state with its cuticles running in the same direction and intact.
3. Each bundle cut from one donor, You can bleach, dye and process the hair type just as you would your own. After that, the hair is still smooth and soft.
4. It does not take much time for care. Because it is virgin hair- 100% natural human hair, if you take good care of your hair, your hair will last at least 1 year.
5. It is very easy to style, you can create just about any style you want, Because of virgin hair extensions in a variety of different textures including straight, wavy and curly. These hair textures also come in a wide range of lengths.

Straight hair is hair that’s without any curls or kinks. It’s completely straight like a line.
Straight hair is usually pretty smooth and sleek and lies flat.
Wavy hair is like a wavy line, it is slightly curly but more soft and wavy. I have wavy hair.
Wavy hair lies in “S” shapes and is somewhere between straight and curly hair.
Curly hair is all curled and therefore looks shorter than straight hair, it’s like a more intense wave on each strand.
Curly hair usually forms in ringlets or spirals.

Yes, you can dye your human hair extensions but it’s important to avoid applying the hair dye directly onto the bonds of your extensions. We would recommend getting this professionally coloured with your stylist. It’s a good idea to dye your hair your desired colour before getting your hair colour matched with your new hair extensions by a stylist.

This very much depends on your own hair type but ideally your own hair should be a minimum of 10cms long.

A lot of hair extensions are bought ‘off the shelf’ and come ready to apply, either prebonded or wefted. This is almost exclusively the case with all types of micro rings, ‘locks’, nano rings, wefts, weaves, etc. As the name suggests, loose (also known as bulk) hair does not have any attachment and is sold in bundles simply held together with twine.

Strands of hair which have been sewn along one edge to create a line of hair.

Extensions should not damage your hair if properly cared for and maintained. You must be careful brushing. If you have a tangle, hold the hair while you brush it especially if your hair is fragile. Have them redone about every 6 weeks.

Absolutely! This is your new hair. Curl it and have fun. Though you can wash everyday you will find that your extensions hair will stay clean and curled for days. Wake up too late this morning? No problem. Your hair still looks great! This does not apply to all hair curl patterns. Deep wave and very curly textures you may not want to brush out or it can get frizzy. This hair let air dry, use a wide tooth comb if you choose and scrunch. Please note hair will dry out sooner when using blow dryers and hot implements. Air drying is a great idea.

Wash the hair in one direction. From top to bottom. Avoid washing hair upside down in the sink. Use shampoos and conditioners that are for dry hair and add the most moisture. Wash hair right after swimming. When brushing your hair, start from the bottom and work your way up while holding the top part to keep it from shedding or stretching.

The great thing about our human hair is it comes with the perm in it and you can choose your color. Because the hair has been processed and sterilized we do not advise doing any more chemical treatments on it as it can easily be ruined or not come out the color you want. If you do decide to it is best to use a semi permanent color or color conditioner and not peroxide.

You or your stylist may defiantly color your own hair. Just color the area of hair that has been left out of the extensions. Careful not to get color on the extensions hair as it grabs color really fast.

Moisture is the most important thing. Please do not use products for oily hair or strippers that take out chlorine or product build up. These leave the hair dry. Use styling products that are zero or low alcohol. Products for dry hair are the best. We recommend using only our hair care products. Spray in conditioners and glossifiers are wonderful for the ends.
You may go in swimming pools and hot tubs. It is best to wash hair right after swimming. Avoid getting hair in salt water as the salt can take all the moisture out of the hair and it tangle. Never braid your hair and go in salt water. It is best to wear it down. Add a spray in conditioner after swimming.

We recommend using specific hair extension products as they have been tested on the hair and bonds, to extend the life of the hair extensions. Many high-street branded products are not suitable so please check with your stylist. Just as you would with your natural hair, it’s important to use heat defense spray when using heated tools and keep all styling products away from the bonded area.

Never Brush, Comb Or Unravel Wet Hair. Soak your extensions wet hair gently with a towel. Then dry finger head right into the dryer from top to bottom, Then proceed to the styling with the brush when 80% dry.

Brush your hair extensions right before you go to bed. We advise you to tie up in a bum or braid as well.

You can participate in any sports and activity as long as you tie your hair extensions in a bum or braid in order to prevent the possible risk of tangling. For the following sports and activities, such as swimming, jogging, biking or boating, take note that chlorine or sea water is extremely dehydrating, but not forbidden for hair extensions. So if you swim in the sea or pool, Apply a hair oil or serum and do not forget to wash your extensions that same night.

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